Politics: our excuse for not thinking?

It is funny to me, this concept that in politics, thousands of people all have essentially the same exact ideas, with limited variation.  It gives us a way to think without actually having to think.  I’m 21, I am in no way qualified to run for public office, I left college last year.  But read my stance, and while you may not agree, I expect it to make some sense.  The following is my stance on important political issues, I stand on no side of the aisle, except blunt honesty and what I truly feel is best for the USA. 

Lower taxes, eliminate government programs, promote donations to private charity- Essentially I am saying private charities do a better job than the federal government.  Sure not everybody will donate, but with less taxes, people might be willing to help there neighbor out.  Just ask, would I rather give to FEMA or the Red Cross.

Decriminalize marijuana- tax it some, make money.

Eliminate seat belt laws-  I don’t believe in seat belt laws or other laws to protect us from ourselves, everyone has the right to be stupid, so long as it doesn’t affect others.

Cut down on foreign aide-  Stop giving money to countries that harbor terrorists, don’t give people money to be our friends, let them be our friends to get money.  

Allow each state to determine if homosexuals should be allowed to marry.  Of note, I would not support it, but really gay people getting married is the absolute last thing the federal government should be deciding, let populations vote on it.  

There are tons of other issues but this is just my take on a few.  Comment and let me know what you think. 

Hard racing

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day

How we’ve ruined music

Let me first say, I listen to modern country music and I enjoy it. But I sense that music has been ruined by us. We refuse to accept that ugly people or boring people can sing. God bless Luke Bryan, Justin Timberlake, and Beyoncé, but would they be that famous if we couldn’t see them? I don’t have the answers but we’ve certainly pushed people who are attractive. I can’t imagine the people our shallow minds have shut out. I’m rambling but I do believe we’ve ruined music.

Life’s to fun to be normal #beawkward

Life’s to fun to be normal #beawkward

Jeff Fryeisms

1. 9 out of ten times
2. Changes are coming
3. It is proven fact that you should drink 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day. To be continued

It’s official, proud owner of a 2014 Pearl Blue Hyundai Sonata

It’s official, proud owner of a 2014 Pearl Blue Hyundai Sonata

Thoughts on this possible being the new whip?

Thoughts on this possible being the new whip?

Do looks matter

People always say they shouldn’t but here’s the catch. You can’t fall for a persons personality if their looks didn’t draw you in. Is it possible to make love with someone you don’t find attractive, I don’t know. But I doubt anybody would say they aren’t attracted to their significant other. Just a thought.

The Evolution of Hick Hop

Cowboy Troy- The OG, first man to prove you could be somewhat commercially successful with this genre.

Dirt Road Anthem- mega hit, inspired songs like Boys Round Here and This is How We Roll and That’s my kinda night.

Colt Ford- impossible to dislike, only does rap, has others sing chorus.

I’d like to know what y’all think about hick hop